Using Venetian Blinds On Your Windows

If you happen to have a cabin in the woods you might want to consider purchasing venetian blinds for your windows. A cabin is a place where you can relax and not worry about having to clean everything all the time. Blinds are easy to maintain and have a simple design that fits in with the style of a cabin. Buying from Kayton blinds Melbourne allows you to choose from several different colours of blinds.

If your cabin is a “guys only” cabin which you use for a hunting or fishing lodge, then you probably want the plainer styles of blinds for the windows. You can choose darker shades of the traditional blinds such as grey or brown or you can choose to use the wood blinds. Wooden window treatments would fit perfectly with a wood cabin. You can also use wooden shutters for the outside of the cabin.

Using blinds for your window treatment gives you the ability to control how much light you want to allow into the room. You can leave the wooden blinds all the way down, but adjust the light filtering slats to allow some light in. You may also wish to save some money on the blinds you purchase for your cabin, by buying the blinds direct from the manufacture. Discounted blinds come with the same light filtering features and ease of maintenance as the full price blinds.

If your cabin has a patio door area you can also check out the vertical blinds that are available. Using blinds for your window treatment also gives you privacy while still allowing the light to come into the room. Maybe you don’t have a cabin located in a secluded area in the woods and would appreciate the added benefit of privacy. You don’t even have to have a cabin to use window blinds. Blinds are a great window treatment for just about any type of window you might have.

Venetian blinds are also a perfect for a patio room or a small outdoor garden shed. They can fit anywhere you don’t want the extravagance of a full drapery treatment, but still want something to help filter the light. Because they are so easy to maintain they work well in areas that are not used a lot. To clean the blinds you can dust them with a dust attracting wipe on a regular basis.

There are also special blind cleaning services that will professionally clean the blinds for you if you bring them in. Another added benefit to using blinds is how easy they are to install or take down if you need to. Once the top railing unit is attached over the window the blinds simply can be slipped on and off with ease.

Buying Blinds Direct from the Manufacturer: Kayton Blinds

If you’re in the market for new window blinds then make sure to check out Kayton Blinds. Kayton Blinds carry a huge supply of all types of blinds for your window treatment needs. The company carries mini as well as standard style of blinds. The mini-blinds direct are in 1 inch size slats and are made to be scratch resistant. Their minis are also made to be as much as 33 percent thicker than other brands of mini-blinds. The lightweight aluminum blinds are ideal for home or office use.
If you have a more designer look area you might want to look into wooden blinds. In addition to creating a more styled look to a room the blinds are also available in styles that have a light blocking feature to create a completely darkened room. Choosing wood blinds gives you the option of many types of wood colours such as standard maple, pecan, chestnut, mahogany and golden oak. The wood blinds look great in a room that is paneled in wood or constructed of wood such as a log home or cabin.
While the Kayton Blinds wooden blinds are created from natural wood products they also offer a line of faux wood blinds. These blinds are available in new colours, are very durable and energy efficient. If you have a larger area to cover with a window treatment you might want to look into what vertical Kayton Blinds has to offer. These are blinds that hang in a vertical direction instead of the traditional horizontal. They create a dramatic effect when used as a window treatment. They are also the perfect type of blind for use with sliding patio doors.

The advantage of using window blinds instead of window shades is the ability to control the amount of light that comes into the room. The blinds allow you to have light filtering which means you can allow a little bit of light or all of the light into a room. This is also a great privacy feature as you can position the blinds to allow light into the room without having the room be exposed in full view to the outside. The vertical blinds can also be drawn back the same way you would draw back a standard drapery.

You can also choose to use other types of window treatments in conjunction to the blinds. You can have curtains or drapes that are hung on the outside of the blinds if you want to create a softer look into room. This works well for living rooms and bedrooms. You will want to compare the cost of your window treatment items to make sure you are getting the best price. The cost of getting new blinds and draperies can be expensive so you may also want to check for any discount Kayton Blinds or coupons that might help you.