An introduction to graffiti art

We all know that graffiti art has often been subjected to a lot of criticism. Some say that it is illegal while others think of it as an incoherent art form.  When graffiti is drawn on private property it is known as vandalism, especially if it is done without getting prior permission. This modern art form first appeared in the US in the latter part of the sixties. Since then it has evolved and developed and even today it is not considered to be on the same level as the art that we see in museums and art galleries.

People generally oppose graffiti art because it is very bold and because it is located in places where it is not always appreciated. It is also very unconventional and sometimes it is considered illegal. The good news however is that the graffiti art we see on subways is considered true art.

Graffiti art has in fact been around since the very first societies on earth. It was found on ancient monuments in Egypt and was even preserved on Pompeii’s walls. Graffiti is a term that is derived from the Italian word grafficar, which means drawings and markings as well as patterns. Grafficar also means scribbling and the term also refers to any message that is painted or written or carved. For some, grafficar means to scratch. Typical examples of such scratching include paintings in caves as well as scribbling in the bathroom.

Today, graffiti refers to the markings that are of an unsolicited nature and which are depicted on private as well as on public property. Such form of graffiti is normally referred to as vandalism.

Graffiti has many different forms. For example, slogans and slurs as well as political statements are all forms of graffiti. Such forms are normally found on bathroom walls as well as on exteriors and are normally written by hand. This kind of graffiti does not have any real aesthetic appeal, and only depicts a certain style of writing. The modern form of graffiti art evolved in New York in the sixties and is therefore known as New York Style. In its early days, it was nothing better than tagging, which in turn was a way to get your name known in your neighborhood or community.

Spray painting soon appeared on the scene and it took tagging to a new level. Artists who used spray cans were different to taggers in that they used color and form as well as style in a very creative manner. Professional graffiti artists were able to create complicated pieces, which a tagger could not as they were only capable of scribbling. Subway art is also known as spray can art,

Graffiti is also part of hip-hop culture. It comprises of many styles and different ways of expressing yourself.

People start getting involved in graffiti art because they are looking for a means to strike back at the world. Some people however use graffiti art to enjoy the pleasure of creating something unique and meaningful. There are 8 main types of graffiti art. These include tagging, throw-up, blockbuster, wildstyle, heaven, stencil, poster and sticker.

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